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Mastering Astral Projection
Mastering Astral ProjectionMastering Astral Projection: 90-day Guide To Out-of-body Experience
by Robert Bruce and Brian Mercer

483 pages (ISBN 0-73870-467-9)
Llewellyn Publications, MN, USA, 2004 


Mastering Astral Projection is a hands-on, step-by-step manual for learning how to have an out-of-body experience (OBE).  It provides a systematic approach for astral projecting out of your body in a fully awake state.  The exercises in the program are largely based on the New Energy Ways (NEW) system of raising and stimulating personal energy.  This method uses body-awareness movements for conscious and direct manipulation of one's energy body.  The NEW system is easy to understand and learn.  Anyone can do it. 

             The 90-day program was designed to be: 

  Specific and easy to understand.

  Comprehensive and goal-oriented.

  Flexible and easy to apply.

  Fear eliminating through small, gradual steps.

  Progressive with measurable results.

In short, the program makes OBE more accessible to those uninitiated in the process. It represents our continued efforts to hone an ideal astral projection course, one that will help newcomers understand the key elements of the process while avoiding common pitfalls.  The idea is that for 90 days you will commit to spending a set amount of spare time applying the program.  We supply the tools and you supply the enthusiasm and stick-to-itiveness.

The course primarily focuses on the skills necessary for having an out-of-body experience, with less emphasis on theory unless it is necessary for understanding and applying the daily exercises.  There is a lot to this program.  But it was designed to be consumed in small bites so as not to overwhelm students with too much information at one time.

How Mastering Astral Projection Unfolds

The 90-day program is divided into thirteen chapters; one new chapter should be read per week.  The first half of each chapter contains information necessary for completing that week's exercises.  This includes special instructions, background information, diagrams and relevant tips.  Each chapter also includes directions for using the BrainWave Generator, the computer program on the CD-ROM that accompanies this book.

The second part of each chapter consists of a day planner style calendar that includes:

        Daily Tasks:  A list of OBE program-related activities, divided into morning, daytime and evening "To Do's".

        Affirmations:  Short, present-tense positive statements to help program you for OBE success.  Daily affirmations are used during waking hours.  Nightly affirmations are used as you drift off to sleep.

        Daily Exercises:  Step-by-step instructions on how to complete each day's exercises (mind taming, breathwork, energy work, OBE exit methods).

        Author Comments:  Advice from both expert and novice perspectives.

        Journaling Space:  A place to write down your progress, make observations and catalogue your OBE-related experiences.

The 90-day program itself is divided into two distinct parts.

            Part 1 (Weeks 1 - 6) focuses on learning core skills associated with OBE:


        Deep Physical Relaxation

        Shadow Memory Recall

        Energy Body Stimulation

        Quieting the Mind

        Primary Energy Center Stimulation

        The Trance State

        Energy Body Loosening


Part 2 (Weeks 7 - 13) focuses on OBE exit training.  During this part of the program you will be introduced to a number of proven techniques for achieving OBE, as well as ways of overcoming key fears and how to adjust your mindset for best results.  More importantly, you get advice for setting up conditions that are most favorable for OBE, understand common roadblocks and learn solutions.  You are also provided with advanced projection techniques for the OBE challenged.

The idea is that you will be spending 90 days eating, sleeping and breathing the training program.  But the course is also flexible, so one need not feel constrained by its Monday through Sunday schedule.  If it takes longer for a given day's exercises, one can always take more time.  The weekly format and the task schedule are guidelines only.


















































































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